Big White Ski Resort Snow Season 2012-13 Ends on a Stella High

Big White Ski Resort, BC Canada, closes its lifts this weekend for the 2012-13 season culminating in a stellar season for the resort and achieving one of the best snowfall years on record.

The numbers at the close of the final day (14 April 2013) speak for themselves;

Total season snow accumulation 889 cm/ 350″

Alpine snow base 348 cm/ 137″

Village snow base 242 cm/ 95″

With 2012-13 snowfall accumulation at Big White Ski Resort of 889 cm this goes down as the second top season since records have been collated from 1981-82.

The top five seasons recorded;     

1998-99  962 cm

2012-13   889 cm

1996-97  887 cm

2001-02  871 cm

2010-11  783 cm

As impressive as these super snowfall years are, Big White Ski Resort is renowned for its consistent high levels of snowfall, year in year out, see more detail.

Situated in the beautiful Okanagan region of British Columbia Big White enjoys a climate of reliable snow fall every year and of a quality second to none. Okanagan Champagne Powder is famous for its light and dry consistency, and coupled with the cool to cold conditions, sees little if any melt until the very last stages of the season each spring. Visitors can be assured of n0 ice and no slush but instead snow cover termed by visitors as ‘ hero snow’ because it makes all skiers and boarders look like ski hero’s.

Big White Ski Resort is a popular return destination for international guests who require the confidence of assured snow as they need to commit to travel and accommodation commitments well in advance of each new season.

For international tourists looking to visit North America for a ski vacation there are many big name resort but few if any that can beat the snow quality and year in year out reliability that Big White Ski Resort offers.

If it’s snow you are looking for put Big White Ski Resort BC Canada at the top of your vacation list.