Big White, Kelowna, BC Canada – O’ Canada you have done it again, another outstanding snow season! 

While other regions have struggled to offer reasonable snow conditions so far this season, Canada has again produced a reliable snow season and Big White Ski Resort  BC in particular has excelled.

Skiing into the village on Easy Street Run with with Stonebridge Lodge Resort on the left, genuine ski/in ski/out luxury accommodation

With a current alpine base of 197 cm and season accumulation of 430 cm Big White Ski Resort is well ahead of the same time last year that offered guests an alpine base of  157 cm, an excellent result in its own right.  

The season at Big White Ski Resort has almost three more months still to run and with historical monthly falls for February and March around one 100 cm each this season is shaping up to be one of the best on record. Already the December accumulation of 215 cm was the best recorded in 14 seasons and the second highest recorded over the last 30 seasons.

These results continue to impress the fact that Canada and British Columbia in particular can be relied upon year in year out for consistent snow fall. The snow fall  variability for Big White Ski Resort has proven historically to be only at the margins, and separates a good year from an outstanding year.

With the Presidents Week holiday period fast approaching we have been receiving late enquiries from the USA as to vacancy options reflecting the mediocre season most USA regions have experienced this season.

It’s little wonder international visitors who have to commit to travel bookings early in the calendar year plan to return regularly to this resort as they know from experience the snow at Big White Ski Resort is always assured.