Big White’s Friendly Snow Hosts

Big White provides a complimentary service for you to get to know the mountain quickly if this is your first visit, or perhaps you are looking for a group to ski with even if you know the mountain well.

Join the resorts knowledgeable Snow Hosts for a complimentary mountain tour. This is the best and fastest way to get orientated and learn the delights of Big White at the same time.

The Big White Snow Hosts are always welcoming and eager to show off their mountain, and boy can they ski!

The Snow Hosts wear yellow ski jackets for your easy identification.

Snow Host Meeting Place

Look for this Snow Host Meeting Place sign in the main village

For Alpine Skiing and Boarding, the Snow Hosts meet daily in the village at 10:30 am, look for the Snow Host Meeting Place sign (picture above).

For guided Nordic Tours with the Snow Hosts, Thursday’s, Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s at 10.30 am at the same meeting place location.